Discover the joy of learning New Zealand Sign Language

NZ Sign Language is a vibrant and exciting language to learn and you'll be part of a great culture and community while learning. NZ Sign Language is growing in popularity - why don't you challenge yourself and book a class today?

"Sign Language won’t stop you learning”

"I have completed Level 1a - 1c NZ Sign Language classes, presented by Kelly from Usign. I enjoyed every minute of it! Kelly is such a great teacher, easy to understand with lots of patience. I love her sense of humour too!"

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Kelly Quirke
NZ Sign language Teacher
"I'm passionate about teaching people and letting them explore and discover sign language in a safe and comfortable environment."

Meet your course teacher, Kelly Quirke

My great passion is to encourage and help you discover and experience NZ Sign Language. I am a qualified teacher who has been teaching for many years. Anyone can learn sign language and I have the experience to support you on your journey.

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Learn at your own pace

If you have never learnt sign language don't worry. We start with the very basics at Level 1a and as you learn you move up levels at your own pace.


Beginner sign language

Level 1 starts with a beginners class called Level 1a. No experience needed. Course content covers a general background of Deaf awareness and the Deaf culture. Once you have mastered 1a you can move on to Level 1b and then Level 1c

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Intermediate sign language

Level 2a This course is for those that have completed Level 1 and are ready to go to the next step.Once you have mastered 2a you can move on to Level 2b and then Level 2c

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Advanced sign language

Level 3 you will need to demonstrate understanding of signed talks and texts in less predictable contexts. Deliver a signed talk in NZSL and understand translations of complex sentences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certificates and prerequisites

To enter Level 1b you must have completed Level 1a. If you have not completed the previous level with me, I will need to assess your NZSL skills to ensure you can cope with the next level.  If you attended previous levels with another teacher, I will need to see proof of your attendance.  This is could be a certificate or letter from your previous teacher. The other option would be a one-to-one assessment for me to see your NZSL skills.

Is Sign Language the same worldwide?

No. It’s the same as spoken languages, there are many throughout the world. While some countries may have similar signs, no two are exactly the same. For example, NZ Sign Language (NZSL) and Australian Sign Language (Auslan) are both based on British Sign Language (BSL) but there are differences.

How much are private catch up classes?

It depends on the number of people who will be joining the private session. Generally, if it’s one person, it’s $40/hr. If there are 2 people, the cost is $35/person/hr etc.

Is learning NZSL hard?

It’s the same as any other language, just more visual. To ensure you succeed, you should regular attend all the classes in a term and complete the homework that is assigned each week.

How many people are in a community class?

It depends on the level. For Level 1a, the minimum number of students is 16. For other levels is can go down to 12 students.

Is my Teacher Deaf?

Yes. It is important to learn from a qualified Deaf Teacher. A Deaf Teacher also teaches about the Deaf community and culture. Learning about the Deaf community and culture is an important part of learning NZSL.

If I miss this term, I can just enrol next term, right?

Maybe not. Altogether I provide 12 levels of class over a 3-year period. Depending on demand, some classes will be repeated next term, but for my level 2 and 3 classes especially, it may only be offered once a year. For example, this year I am teaching Level 2a in Term 1 so most likely will not offer it again until Term 1 next year. To move up to the next level a student has to have attended 80% of the classes in a term or made arrangements with me to have private lessons to catch up.

How much are classes?

I currently charge from $130 to $200 for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Costs would be different depends on locations.

Is there an age limit for class?

Yes. I have students as young as 12 or 13. If a student is 14 or younger, then a parent/guardian or older sibling must enrol in the class, and attend, with the young person. There needs to be a responsible adult with them in class.

How many people are in a class for business?

I work with businesses and will usually require a 12-person minimum to run a private class. The more people there are, the cheaper the rate per person. If I am travelling to teach a class, there may be travel costs involved too. Please contact me so we can work out the best option for your business.

Still have questions?

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